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Digital Marketing agency in India

Do you want to take your business to a higher level? Pitamaas helps to take your business to the next level by promoting your business or your business products through online marketing. Information about your product is widely spread at a fast rate through the use of digital communications. SEO and SMO are the two hands of Online marketing. SEO is the process to improve the visibility of the website via technically, Analytics, and creativity. SMO is social media optimization similar to SEO that also helps to generate web traffic and increase the awareness of your business or your business product in the market. SMO is done via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Email. Two main ways have to be followed while doing search engine optimization i.e on-page and off-page. Good content, good keywords selection, Putting keywords in the correct places, giving appropriate titles to every page, etc are the main task that is included in On-page SEO. Off-Page SEO includes link building, increasing link popularity by submitting open directories, search engines, link exchange, blog commenting, etc. Pitamaas digital marketing expert team has a set strategy with broad goals that can help you in the promotion and easy marketing of the services or products delivered by you via SEO and SMO. Digital Marketing Agency in India

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Marketing of products and services using digital technologies is known as Digital Marketing that is mainly done by the internet. Digital Marketing is done by the two main pillars that are SEO and SMO both are done online and offline. Both of these can be done in Pitamaas that is well specializes in SEO and SMO, Google Adwords Campaign ie PPC, ORM, SMM which is part of digital marketing. In today’s era digital marketing has gained more importance to get an online presence on the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, Instagram, Youtube to ensure good traffic and google ranking. Categories of online marketing are : Content marketing focuses on the building of a strong relationship between the target audience and business. Make your content consistent easily shareable on social media sites. Maintain consistency in delivering the contents. So, Pitamaas also offer promotions via SEO and SMO. SEO and SMO ensure good traffic and Google ranking. Our company Pitamaas can help you with SEO and SMO services and thereby assist you by bringing more traffic to your website and by improving your Search engine rankings. With the growing use of the internet, digital marketing will stay longer in the online marketing field. https://www.pitamaas.com/

Digital Marketing Online Marketing Pitamaas Creative Agency

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Paid advertising is any kind of advertising and it is used to attract people to buy the products by making the ad eye-catching for viewers.

Here are some of the tips for ads that you can learn from big brands.

1. Focus most of your ad spend on seasonal opportunities Easter, valentine`s day, Christmas, Black Friday, Mother`s Day, etc. these secret runs well for the company and has a higher conversion. Seasonal spending just works so well for the paid ads. Make your ad more decorative on seasonal.

2. Avoid spending too much of your ad budget at the beginning and the end of each quarter you need to pace it out and take your learning. Huge companies try their best to reach out to their people`s goals. The goal is to spend as the need not to spend much more.

3. Prepare for occasional opportunities months before they happen. So, most of the big companies plan their opportunities months and months ago so at the end they get a clear view. they prepare months in advance for these seasonal opportunities make deals to work it better.

4. Try to make your website more informative and make it a little shorter rather than getting into a very long form and breaking those paragraphs up. Making it long makes it boring for the viewers and they skip so short and sweet works.

5. Personalize your ads without manual work. Facebook dynamic product ads show relevant ads to relevant people. It eliminates ad-targeting guessing games. And this is super effective because if you are going to do ads, why try to figure it out on your own?

6. Animation and motion graphics for companies looking to explain to viewers more about who they are an animated video could be a bringing all of our wildest fantasies into one safety video animation and motion graphics continue to grow in the advertising realm they grab attention very quickly, but can also be pretty short in length and entertaining and eye-catching.

7. Artificial reality has grown with technology in recent history and it`s made its way into advertising and it`s very effective in digital marketing and a better way to sell your product. Digital marketing is all about advertising and artificial reality plays a wide role in it. It`s a making-of real-world environment into a computer-generated.

We, www.pitamas.com pitamaas [ a creative agency]is a packaging designing agency in India, and a digital marketing agency. It holds for LET THE PRODUCT IMPRESSES THE WORLD. Today digital marketing is much more important because it refers to advertising delivered through digital channels and websites like pitamaas. Other agencies are focusing on 360-degree advertising solutions but Pitamaas aims to help the SMEs [small and medium enterprises] available in all the brand services under one roof. This digital marketing agency makes a brand shout louder and makes your product a star. Websites are the main to reach people in this modern era. Pitamaas has built a business site for this modern era and is a digital marketing agency.

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Facebook is one of the leading tech giant companies and also one of the most popular social media and social media marketing platforms. Facebook was recently renamed meta. Facebook owns Messenger, Instagram, and even Whatsapp.
Facebook recently launches the concept of reels which was earlier featured on Instagram. Facebook Reels was released for Android as well as iOS platforms. The Facebook Reels were added to Facebook as a new feature because it had a great impact on Instagram. Instagram Reels reached a wider group of audiences and also across various platforms.

Facebook Reels became an instant hit as it allowed the Instagram Creators to recommend their reels which were uploaded on Instagram to be featured on Facebook. Other than Facebook Reels, Facebook has introduced a special feature called Reels Play Bonus. This is an invite-only update currently available in the US only on Facebook and Instagram platforms. This is a great way for content creators to earn money when their reels get views. This special feature might get a global expansion very shortly. Apart from these updates according to the Digital Marketing agency, the updates of Facebook can be used to reach a wider audience with proper analysis and execution.

*Analysis time- Minimum 24 hours to a Maximum of 72 hours should be given for analyzing performance for ad campaigns.

*Analyzing the reports and statistics of a campaign should have a higher priority than focusing on only creatives.

*Understand the APIs and use proper conversions.

Facebook is bringing a new feature called “Work Accounts” which is currently under testing phase. This feature is likely to be beneficial for social media managers and also digital marketing agency. The Social Media Managers or the Digital Marketing Agencies can access the Business Manager separately from their Facebook account under this feature.

Facebook has made a new update Horizon Workrooms: New Remote Collaboration. The tech giant recently developed a virtual or augmented reality world for Oculus users to collaborate with their peers.

Pitamaas A Creative Agency is one of the leading digital marketing agency in Ludhiana with expertise in social media marketing and digital marketing through the platform Facebook. The team of Pitamaas- the digital marketing agency in Ludhiana is well known for their digital work. The team is highly skilled in the digital marketing field with expertise in packaging design, logo designing, video advertising, web, photography, and social media marketing as well. If you require digital marketing services for your startup or business, get in touch with Pitamaas and have a great business journey on the web and digital world.

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All of us might have accounts on at least any one of the social media platforms, and we all are surely aware of what stories are on the leading social media apps. Everyone who uses social media either posts stories or at least views approximately more than a hundred stories each day. Content creators, influencers, big brands, and so many high profile people post pictures through their social media feed and they share the same post on their stories too. Isn’t it interesting that a simple story can be beneficial to you?

Now, are you thinking of making stories?

Let us highlight some of the benefits that a story can cater to the users.

*A story on any social media app is more engaging than a post.

*The social media stories reach a larger audience and give you better engagement on your content.

*You can create story highlights of the product links for your customers.

Now, you might be surely wondering how stories can be helpful in the future.

Earlier stories were a part of Instagram and Snapchat, later Whatsapp added it. Now recently even Linkedin and Facebook have added stories to their recent updates. When such big tech giant companies are slowly adding the stories as their features in their updates, it is surely going to have a great impact on future.

Stories are the way to display the creativity for a short time. However the short time of the story creates room in people’s mind for a long time.

Here the Digital Marketing Agency comes into the picture. A digital marketing agency is a team of digital marketing or advertising enthusiasts that create your content, grow your following, and engage your customers. Many small businesses have flourished in the market in the recent one to two years, and not everyone has their website or application to increase customer engagement and build their brand. So a digital marketing agency helps anyone who needs to promote their page or content on social media.

Pitamaas A Creative Agency is a well-known digital marketing agency in Ludhiana This digital marketing agency promotes your brand, increases its online presence, advertises your product, builds modern-age business solutions, and gives you the best digital marketing services. Pitamaas A Creative Agency has a team of skilled digital marketing professionals that provides the best digital marketing services to their customers according to their needs and caters to all their requirements.

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Facebook and Instagram are both leading social networking sites or apps and have a global reach. People have to identify their audience, think about the type of content we want to publish and then find a suitable medium. Moreover, the question isn’t which social networking platform is better. The questions we have to ask themself is how their company can use both the platforms to reach their audience and grow their social media presence.

Facebook for Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are both preferred mediums for reaching a greater audience by digital marketing agency as well as a Facebook marketing agency. However, the Facebook marketing agency suggests that building an online home page for the business on Facebook. As pages on this platform help to establish the business’ presence. Facebook ads help you to proactively reach new customers.

Instagram for Marketing

Instagram is not just a channel for sharing photos and videos with your friends and family but it’s also a great platform or channel for e-commerce marketing. A digital marketing agency uses this social media platform to showcase business products online and it has given an online visual presence to millions of businesses. Its feature of sharing through photos as posts, videos through posts, stories or IGTV stories or reels have hugely affected business towards growth.

Instagram versus Facebook

Both Facebook and Instagram are important platforms for publishing content for various businesses. The content and marketing strategy that works on Instagram might not work on Facebook and vice versa. The digital marketing agency should analyze the audience and choose the platform.

Pitamaas is a one-stop solution to cater to all your digital advertising needs. We are an agency focusing on search engine optimization, target marketing, digital campaign, and social media marketing. Pitamaas is a creative agency providing services from varied domains like photography, branding, logo, print ad, packaging, and social media optimization.

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Facebook vs. LinkedIn
LinkedIn and Facebook are fantastic platforms for your specific purposes depending on your business than the industry that you`re in.
Both LinkedIn and Facebook are the best among themselves and provide informative and entertaining content for the users.
LinkedIn comparison with Facebook

LinkedIn is an amazing platform. LinkedIn can still be a mystery for a lot of people but essentially LinkedIn is a giant database and search engine. If you were to google your name it`s nearly always your LinkedIn profile that comes up first.
Facebook is also an amazing platform for greater organic reach. Watching videos on Facebook so you possibly noticed that video content is just exploding throughout Facebook and you can upload all of your video content directly to your Facebook page.
LinkedIn is the NO 1 business networking platform in the world whereas Facebook is the NO 1 social media platform in the world.
LinkedIn has the highest annual salary of any of the social media platforms. Facebook has monthly active users.
LinkedIn connects with others a grow your business network into the millions. Facebook presents a huge opportunity to provide fast and direct information, entertainment, products and services to existing or new customers or clients.
LinkedIn is a giant database – use the search function, who viewed your profile. Your Facebook page is your website and this may be the only contact someone has with you, your business or your brand. LinkedIn marketing agency provides excellent services with their experts.
www.pitamass.com is a digital marketing agency in India. Today digital marketing is much important because it gives your online presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google. The best agencies to be trusted and to make your product a star and a very creative agency. Best experts who seamlessly integrate with you. Also works for social welfare.