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SEO Vs SMO: Understanding The Difference

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Social Media Optimization is the process of optimizing the blog content through social media platforms and social networking sites. Social media optimization is used for blogging, managing product pages, social media businesses, and many more. Blog content that is posted on social media platforms is creative displaying visuals, graphics, data, and content to showcase talent and grow their business.

SMO is a process of providing publicity to a brand or a business and generating awareness about its products and services or events using social media as the medium of expression. The reach of a brand is increased when the social media posts get higher engagement by liking, sharing, commenting, and saving the posts.

Search engine optimization is the process of making the site reach better for search engines. Search engine optimization optimizes the technical configuration of a website to become easily findable and give them a better search engine rank. There are various techniques to make changes to the web content and design to make it attractive on the search engine.

SEO is optimized by setting keywords, using them effectively which results in driving great traffic to the website. This improves the ranking of the website and helps the search engine algorithms to find your page easily and display it at the top. 

Comparison between SMO and SEO

Social Media Optimization is generally used for increasing the traffic and engagement on social media pages. Search Engine Optimization on the other hand is done to draw more traffic to the websites through the search engines on the search engine applications or the web browsers. The content on social media is usually short and crisp. However blog content for a website can be a combination of multiple blogs of various sizes.

Pitamaas Creative Agency is a digital marketing agency in India that provides SMO and SEO services. We deliver the best SEO and SMO services to increase the publicity of your social media pages and websites. Our services help you to improve the ranking of your website.

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